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Congressman Raul Ruiz, MD
Join me for a Live Telephone Town Hall as I answer your COVID-19 questions.
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Praying for our great city 🙏🏼 Be that we are a international destination we are at great risk. We should have temperatures scanners at the airport! We are a international destination.

Palm Springs City Government
Press conference - Coronavirus Update

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Elect Alfie Pettit for Palm Springs City Council, District 3

Let’s face it...

I will be the only Drag Queen elected to public office if we win this campaign here for Palm Springs City Council.

I need your help…. now!

Politicians in America are fueled by millionaire donors instead of getting small to moderate donations from average people who really want to be part of a movement to make our world better, brighter, safer and kinder.

My campaign is not controlled by special interests.

My campaign is a grass roots movement, controlled by People.

My corrupt opponent is a slick professional political “power player,” who has a sizeable war chest.