Drag Out the Vote November 5th, 2019 - Alfie Pettit for Palm Springs City Council, District 3.

Help to make History here in Palm Springs and across America.  We can remove the dark cloud that surrounds city call, but we need your vote and support.

Power to the People, Not the Politicians

My campaign is a grassroots movement, controlled by People.

Where I Stand

Learn the issues, let's take back Palm Springs!

Meet Alfie Pettit

Meet Alfie

I'm a 13 year resident of Palm Springs and an entrepreneur / activist / entertainer who has performed before thousands over the years here locally as drag queen “Arial TramPway.”

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This campaign can only be successful with help and donations from YOU, the people!
Let's make a change together.  Learn how you can help us take back Palm Springs.

Alfie Pettit on the Issues

The Issues

I am running for Palm Springs City Council in District Three to once and for all end the back room political gameplaying and power grabs that drastically changed the way we are governed as a municipality.

On the Campaign Trail...

10 hours ago

Alfie Pettit for Palm Springs City Council, District 3

Happy Veterans Day 🇺🇸 Thank you #MayorKliendienst for your service as well as #MayorRobertMoon . #PalmSpringsVeteransDayParade Michael Ralke ...

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Elect Alfie Pettit for Palm Springs City Council, District 3

Let’s face it...

I will be the only Drag Queen elected to public office if we win this campaign here for Palm Springs City Council.

I need your help…. now!

Politicians in America are fueled by millionaire donors instead of getting small to moderate donations from average people who really want to be part of a movement to make our world better, brighter, safer and kinder.

My campaign is not controlled by special interests.

My campaign is a grass roots movement, controlled by People.

My corrupt opponent is a slick professional political “power player,” who has a sizeable war chest.