As a resident of Palm Springs for the last 13 years, I have watched our community be controlled by corrupt politicians and greedy multimillionaire developers who have rigged how our future elections are conducted.

Enough is Enough.

I am running for Palm Springs City Council to once and for all end the back room political gameplaying and power grabs that drastically changed the way we are governed as a municipality.

I want our Mayor to be elected by the voters, just like it has been since the early 1980’s. Your support for our grassroots movement will make this happen.

I will dedicate the next several years of my life to all of you here in Palm Springs.

Face it, I am not your typical politician. I am an entrepreneur/entertainer who has performed before thousands over the years here in Palm Springs as drag queen “Arial TramPway.”

Let’s fix our streets, curbs, sidewalks and gutters in our neighborhoods.

Let’s end homelessness once and for all here. Let’s make REAL history this election. Let’s Drag Out the Vote, and together WE will bring common sense and integrity back to city hall and end this corrupt cycle of political gameplaying.